Mobile Phone PCB per Parts or Section: Introduction and Works

Kisi bhi mobile phone pcb per kitne parts or section hote hai. Aaj mobile repairing lesson me hum parts or section inside a mobile phone learning karenge. All mobile phone brands like - Acer, Adcom, Alcatel, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Celkon, China mobile phones, Dell, Fly, Gionee, Google, Haier, HTC, Huawei, iBall, IBerry, Idea, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon, Lenovo, LG, Maxx Mobile, Micromax, Microsoft, Motorola, MTS, Nokia, Oppo, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Spice, Swipe, Toshiba, Videocon, Vivo, Xiaomi, Xolo, ZTE etc. ki PCB circuit board per different sections or parts janange

PCB Par Two Main Section:

Circuit board ko two main section divide kiya gya hai - Network or Power section. In dono ke alawa pcb par parts ke sections bane hote hai.
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PCB par Network or Power Section
Mobile phone repairing course me aaj ka lesson bahut hi important hai kyonki aaj aap mobile phone ki pcb per all parts or sections ke bare me acchi trah se janane wale hai. Mobile or Smartphone PCB board on sections or parts.

Mobile Phone All Parts or Section on PCB Circuit Board: Section wise parts on PCB

1. Display Section: Parts on Mobile Phone PCB

Mobile phone display section LCD Data Signal, LCD RD Signal, LCD Reset Signal, LCD WP Signal, LCD HSYN Signal, LCD FLM Signal etc. Signal se directly CPU se connect hota hai. Yah LCD module ko CPU se Signal dete hai. LCD Display ko 1.8V or 2.8V current achhi trah se work krne ke liye milta hai. LCD Module signal ke liye many mobile phone me LCD signal interface filter krke connect ote hai. Mobile Display section me small parts, resistor, capacitor or display connector etc. lage hota hai.

2. Network Section: Parts on Mobile Phone PCB

CPU network section se connected rahta hai. But CPU power section me laga hota hai. Network Section me PFO, Network IC, Antenna Switch, RX- Band Pass Filter, TX- Band Pass Filter, Antenna, External Antenna Socket, Network IC, RF IC, RF Crystal, FEM or all others mobile phone small parts lage huye hote hai. Mobile phone me network signal RX/TX bass filter, RF IC, Antenna Switch, PFO ke process se aata hai.

3. Headphone Section:

Mobile Phone PCB per headphone section me headphone connector or jack, hands free mic, speaker signal component, hands free audio amplifier, hands free jack hote hai. Headphone ko headphone jack me connect krne ke bad mobile phone ki display screen per hands free symbol show hota hai.

4. Bluetooth Section: their parts on mobile phone PCB

Bluetooth section network section ke type hota hai. Bluetooth RF Signal Filter, Bluetooth Antenna, Bluetooth Driver IC, Supply or Signal Component etc. Bluetooth section me lage hote hai. RF Signal Processing ke dauran signal Bluetooth ic ko deta hai.

5. FM Radio Section: Parts on Mobile Phone PCB
FM Radio Section me FM Antenna, FM Radio Driver IC, Supply or Signal Component like small parts etc. lage hote hai.

6. Mobile Phone Set Power ON/OFF Section:

Mobile Phone Power ON Section me Power IC, CPU IC, RF CLK, Crystal, RF IC, Flash IC, PWR Ket, ON/OFF Switch, Supply or Signal Components hote hai. Battery Power IC ko current supply karti hai. Power IC se ON/OFF Switch per 2.8V se 3V tak Current Supply hota hai. Mobile Phone ko switched ON krne ke liye CPU, Flash IC, RF-CLK, RF Crystal, RF IC se signal supply hota hai.

7. Battery Charging Section:

Regulator Section Mobile phone charging section ko separately banata hai. Mobile Phone charger or charger connector battery section ke main part hote hai. Kuch Mobile phone PCB per power IC ke pass battery charging section bana hota hai. Battery Charging Section me lage signal or supply component etc. bhi lage hote hai. 

8. Vibrator Motor Section:

Vibrator motor ko positive current directly battery ke end me supply hota hai. Negative power NPN transistor se aata hai. Mobile phone PCB per Vibrator Motor Section me other small parts track signal or supply ke liye lage hote hai.

9. Keypad or Keyboard Section:

Kisi bhi mobile phone PCB per Keypad section CPU se directly connect hota hai. Keypad buttons Rows or Column direct CPU se jude hote hai. Keypad Section ki protection ke liye Row or Column line me Keypad IC(Protector IC, Interface IC), Diodes lage hote hai.

10. SIM Card Section:

Bahut Sare Mobile Phone sets me SIM Section CPU se direct connect hota hai. Agar mobile phone me Power Supply nahi ho rahi hai to SIM section Power IC ke through CPU se Connect hota hai. SIM Section V-SIM, SIM-RST, SIM-CLK, SIM-DATA or SIM-GND(Ground) etc. se bana hota hai. 

11. Memory Card Section:

Mobile phone me memory card memory socket ke 8 pins se connect hokar work krta hai. Memory card section CPU ke side me bana hota hai. Memory Cord connector ke 8 pins – MMC DATA, MMC DATA-2, MMC Command, VMMC (Supply pin), GND, MMC-CLK, MMC-Dta0, MMC-DATA-1 etc. hoti hai. 2.8 V power supply pin 4 se MMC work krta hai.

12. Ringer Section:

 Ringer mobile phone PCB per audio IC se connect hote hai. Audio IC sound signal CPU se receive krti hai. Ringer section me coil, capacitor or suuply or signal component lage hote hai. Ringer section me audio sound ke signal CPU dwara aate hai.

13. Speaker Section:

Kuch Mobile Phone me speaker sound signal CPU se via Coil, Resistance, Capacitor dwara aati hai. Kuch mobile phones me Audio IC lagi hoti hai.

14. Keypad Backlight Section:

Key LED Lights parallel circuit ke according connected hoti hai. Mobile phone PCB per ek dusre se connect hokar power supply krti hai. LED Lights 3V power supply se karya krti hai.    

15. MIC – Microphone Section:

Bahut sare mobile phone me MIC section direct CPU se connect hota hai. MIC ko positive or negative power supply two capacitor dwara hoti hai. MIC 1.8V se 2.5 V power supply se proper working krte hai.

16. Display Back Light Section:

Display ki LED light ko power supply Boost Coil se hoti hai. Kuch mobile phones me Display backlight section me rectifier diode, boost volt driver IC etc. power supply hoti hai.

Next lesson me hum sikhenge ki mobile phone ki pcb per network ot power section me big parts or IC. Mobile phone repair training course online free in Hindi ko continue sikhte rahiye. Thanks for learning this lesson.

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