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Mobile Repairing Training

Mobile Repairing Training

Course, book pdf, ebooks, guides, Notes, Tutorials, Videos, Diagrams Images, PNG Pictures and more to help you learn mobile repair.

Small Parts

Learn How to Identify Components on PCB


electrolytic-capacitor-identify-works-faults network-capacitor-identification-works-faults Regulator-identification-works-faults

coil-identification-works-faults boost-coil-identification-works-faults transistor-identification-works-faults

fuse-identification-works-faults coupler-identification-works-faults photo-diode-identification-works-faults

rectifier-diode-identification-works-faults-in-hindi light-emitting-diode-led-diode-identification-works-faults-in-hindi diode-diode-identification-works-faults-in-hindi

PCB Sections

Learn about the sections on PCB, Thier Big Parts and ICs

Network Section: Big Parts & ICs

network ic antenna-switch pfo-ic

vco-identificaton-works-faults RTC-identification-works-faults-in-hindi rx-fiter-identify-works-faults-hindi


Power Section: Big Parts & ICs

flash-IC power-ic-identificaton cpu-identification

charging-ic-identify camra-ic logic-ui-ic fm-ic-identification-works-faults

pda-ic-identification-works-faults kaypad-ic light-ic-identification-works-faults-hindi memory card ic


RAM IC 26mhz-silicon-crystal

Card Level Parts

Learn to identify parts on motherboard, internal & external parts of mobile phone

Card Level Parts Card Level Parts - Connectors & Sockets

Parts Checking With Multimeter

Parts are OK or Fault, learn to check with multimeter

Multimeter How to use multimeter check-non-electrolytic-capacitor check-network-capacitor check-electrolytic-capacitor

Check Coil Inductor Testing Boost Coil Testing Chip Resistance Testing Network Resistance Check Transistor

Testing Regulator Testing Fuse Check Charging Diode Light Emitting Diode Rectifier Diode

Photo Diode Testing Speaker Testing Microphone Testing Vibrator Motor Testing LoudSpeaker Check Charging Connector Voltage Check ON-OFF Switch Voltage

Check Voltage of Mobile Battery Check PCB Track & Connection Ways

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