We via MobiTechCareer.com, basically promote Tangible Products like EBooks, Software and Services. So, as a customer, please read the content and offer details properly related to the products offered by this website before making your order for these tangible. If you have any confusion, you can contact us instantly via Mobile Call / Whatsapp Message at 079768-08739 or email at mobitechcareer@gmail.com, before making your order or payment, so that we could clear your doubts before fulfilling your order and there would not occur any situation in which you need to claim for refund.

Because, the products offered via this website is Tangible Products Only, so, once you made your order and completed your payment, you will get Download Links of the purchased products instantly and once the Download Links have been sent to you on your email, we would not be able to refund you in any condition.

So, be careful before making your Order and Completing your Payment, because that would not be refunded in any circumstances, because we are offering Digital or Tangible Products only and after sending you the Download Links, there is not any accurate way to rectify about whether you have downloaded that product or not.

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